3 Best Garden Starter Kits

Starting a garden can feel like a walk through a thick forest without a map—exciting, yet slightly intimidating. You might have the enthusiasm to grow your own food or flowers but figuring out where to start is often the hardest part.

You should know that garden starter kits are like that friend who knows just the way and makes the journey fun.

Garden starter kits pack everything you need into one box – seeds, tools, and even step-by-step guides. These kits are gold for those looking to dip their toes in gardening waters without getting overwhelmed.

Our blog today zooms in on the 3 best garden starter kits that will make your green thumb dreams come alive more easily than you thought possible. Ready for an adventure?

3 Best Garden Starter Kits

Check out our concise product list or scroll down for more in-depth reviews to find the perfect match for your needs.

1. Medicinal Garden Kit

Best for DIY Health Enthusiasts Starting Medicinal Gardens


  • This kit contains 4,818 non-GMO seeds for a rich and varied medicinal garden.
  • Comes with two free guides valued at $58 to help you use home items for healing and identify wild herbs.
  • Offers around-the-clock one-on-one support to assist with garden setup and upkeep.
  • The seeds are neatly organized into 10 labeled packages inside the main kit for straightforward sorting.
  • Every seed is packed in the US, adhering to high-quality control standards.
  • Designed as an all-in-one solution to grow your own medicinal plants easily at home.

Imagine digging your hands into the earth and planting seeds not just for any garden, but for a medicinal one. The Medicinal Garden Kit makes this dream possible, securing its spot at the top of our list. With a selection including chicory to chamomile and lavender to echinacea, this kit is packed with potential remedies right at your fingertips.

It’s like having a natural pharmacy in your backyard, courtesy of Nicole Apelian’s expertise in blending biology, herbalism, and survival skills into one powerhouse product.

This isn’t just about throwing seeds in the dirt and hoping for the best. The kit comes with an “Herbal Medicinal Guide: From Seeds to Remedies,” turning beginners into proficient herbalists almost overnight—well, maybe after a few growing seasons. And let’s talk about those high-quality seeds; they’re non-GMO gold that grows!

Plus, who can overlook the eco-friendly packaging? This kit doesn’t only take care of you; it takes care of Mother Earth too. Toss in 24/7 support if you find yourself asking whether your chamomile needs more chatter or less (plants like conversation too), making it clear why we’ve crowned it king among starter kits.

Choosing this Medicinal Garden Kit means investing in health—the kind grown from your own two hands. Whether you’re seasoned in soil sciences or green as Echinacea leaves when it comes to gardening, here lies a treasure trove of growth potential both for plants and knowledge on using them medicinally. That’s flowering empowerment right there!


  • Grow Your Own Pharmacy: Imagine popping out to your garden instead of the drugstore when you need a headache reliever or a boost for your immune system. With seeds for 10 powerful medicinal plants, our kit turns your backyard into a nature’s pharmacy. No standing in lines, just stepping outside.
  • From Novice to Herbalist with One Guide: Ever wondered how to turn chamomile flowers into a sleep-inducing tea or echinacea roots into cold-fighting tinctures? Our “Herbal Medicinal Guide: From Seeds to Remedies” is like having an experienced herbalist over your shoulder guiding you from seed sowing to remedy making.
  • Seeds That Almost Plant Themselves: Okay, not really—but we’ve made it that easy! Our high-quality seeds come from top-notch plants which means they’re resilient, robust, and ready to grow. Think of them as the superheroes of the plant world; small but mighty and on a mission to keep you healthy.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Mother Nature’s Applause: We pack our seeds in materials that hug the earth back. Reducing waste and promoting sustainability isn’t just nice; it’s necessary. So every time you plant one of our seeds, feel good knowing you’re doing your part for the planet too.
  • A Garden Variety (Literally) for Every Ailment: Whether it’s soothing sore muscles with lavender or calming an upset stomach with chamomile, each plant in this kit serves its purpose in your health arsenal. It’s like having ten tiny doctors at your beck and call—no appointment needed!


  • Grow your own pharmacy: With seeds for 10 powerful plants, you’re just a garden away from natural pain relief and immune boosts. Imagine making remedies as easily as brewing morning coffee!
  • From novices to green thumbs, this kit hands you the map to buried treasure – no “X” marking the spot needed. The guide turns you into a plant whisperer, revealing secrets of turning seeds into salves and teas that could make even Mother Nature jealous.
  • Say goodbye to guesswork: premium quality seeds take the mystery out of gardening. It’s like having a green thumb in a box – ensuring your garden thrives, not dives.
  • Doing good while growing goodies: Our eco-friendly packaging isn’t just about going green; it’s planting the seed for a healthier planet one garden at a time. Now that’s what we call reaping what you sow!


  • Thumb not so green? These plants won’t grow by just looking pretty on the shelf – they demand attention and a bit of TLC.
  • Space squabble in your garden? With 10 different seeds, finding room for everyone might turn into a game of musical chairs.
  • Patience is a virtue, especially when waiting for these plants to bloom. If you’re more ‘instant gratification’, this might be like watching paint dry.

Imagine someone who loves dabbling in the garden as much as they enjoy a good DIY project, someone curious about harnessing nature’s power for health. They find joy in the simplicity of soil and seeds, eager to turn their backyard into a tiny pharmacy.

This Medicinal Garden Kit is perfect for them! It stands out among the 3 best garden starter kits because it not only promises a green thumb adventure but also guides you on a journey from planting seeds to creating your own herbal remedies. So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of medicinal plants and add an extra dose of wellness to your life, grab this kit, and let’s get growing!

2. Vegetable Garden Starter Kit

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Best for Organic Enthusiasts Starting Their Own Indoor Vegetable Garden


  • Includes 5 different types of vegetable seeds: carrots, radishes, and more for diverse garden planting.
  • Organic and GMO-Free: Ensures a safe, sustainable gardening experience.
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor usage: Flexible for any living situation.
  • Complete kit weighs just 1.12 pounds: Easy to handle and set up anywhere you wish.
  • Comes in eco – friendly peat soil, perfect for growing organic vegetables.
  • Full sun exposure needed: Ideal for locations receiving plenty of sunlight.

Diving into the world of home gardening can feel like jumping into a rabbit hole, bewildering and deep. Yet, with the Organic Vegetable Garden Starter Kit, it’s more like stepping through your own back door into a lush garden.

Made in the USA and boasting a USDA Organic certification, this kit demystifies gardening with everything you need to get started: heirloom seeds for cherry tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, radishes, and green beans that are practically itching to grow. It doesn’t just include organic seeds but raises the bar with OMRI certified soil and pots too—showing its true colors as an all-organic warrior from seed to sprout.

Why did we rank this treasure trove of greenery as No. 2 on our list? Simply put, it brings out both the expert gardener humming inside us all and satisfies those first-time jitters with ease. Picture this: your kitchen windowsill transforms into a vibrant display of greens and vegetables; not only does it boost your mood but also spices up your cooking game!

The fact that Spade To Fork backs up their promise of guaranteed germination is like having a safety net under your high-wire garden adventure—offering peace of mind alongside flourishing plants. Amidst choices saturating the market, choosing this starter kit feels less like gambling on a green thumb dream and more like investing in a verdant reality.


  • Guaranteed to Grow: Picture this: you plant your seeds, and nothing sprouts. Frustrating, right? Well, with our starter kit, that’s a worry of the past! We’ve hand-picked seeds with high germination rates. If they don’t grow, just hit us up, and we’ll fix it. Because let’s be honest – plants playing hide and seek isn’t fun for anyone.
  • From Novice to Green Thumb in No Time: Whether you’re a gardening rookie or have a green thumb so bright it glows in the dark, our kit is your new best friend. It turns your kitchen into a mini farm – think fresh tomatoes for your salads or crispy lettuce for your burgers. And hey, who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
  • A Kitchen That Grows With You: Ever look at those home magazines and wonder how they get kitchens that look alive? Here’s the secret: Add plants. Our organic garden kit not only spices up meals but also decorates countertops with vibrant veggies that are as fresh as they come. So yes, now you can live that magazine life!
  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving (and Growing): Struggling to find a present that stands out? How about gifting growth! Perfect for moms who swear by organic produce or friends who could use a hobby beyond Netflix binging. This garden starter kit promises freshness on their plates and joy in their hearts – because who wouldn’t love harvesting their own greens?
  • Proudly Grown At Home: Just like homemade apple pie has its charm; imagine saying “grown at home” when someone compliments your cooking! Every bit of this gardening set shouts ‘Made in America’. From organically certified goodies packaged on our family-owned Oregon farm right down to earth-friendly pots and soil discs – it’s all about bringing sustainable living to your doorstep.


  • Kickstart Your Green Thumb: Even if you’ve never touched a plant before, our Organic Indoor Vegetable Garden Starter Kit turns you into the neighborhood’s green wizard. Think of it as gardening with training wheels – super fun and nearly impossible to mess up!
  • Add Some Pizzazz to Your Plate: Why eat boring, when you can sprinkle your dishes with colors and flavors straight from your windowsill? From zesty cherry tomatoes to crunchy carrots, your meals will turn into a rainbow of yum.
  • A Garden Where Space is No Issue: Got no backyard? No problem! Our kit proves that you don’t need acres of land to cultivate a bountiful garden. A sunny spot by the window or on the balcony is all these plants ask for. It’s like magic beans, minus the giant hassle.
  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving – Literally!: Stuck on gift ideas? This garden starter kit is perfect for anyone looking to add some life into their home or onto their plate. Forget about gifting another sweater; give them something that grows alongside them – they’ll thank you at every harvest dinner!


  • Patience Required: Watching seeds turn into veggies is slower than downloading an app. Get ready to learn the art of waiting!
  • Space Takers: These plants won’t stay tiny. Ensure your countertop or windowsill can handle a veggie party.
  • Green Thumb Needed: While we’ve made things simpler, you’ll still need to channel your inner gardener. Not all thumbs start out green, but don’t worry – practice makes perfect!

If green thumbs made a club, the Vegetable Garden Starter Kit would be their jam. It’s for the eco-conscious foodie who dreams of farm-to-table meals right from their windowsill and craves the satisfaction of growing veggies from scratch. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner eager to dip your toes into home farming, this kit promises an adventure in every pot. So, grab one of these top 3 garden starter kits and let’s turn that kitchen counter into a vibrant veggie patch!

3. Vegetable & Herb Garden Starter Kit

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Grow Over 10,000 Plants: Ultimate Heirloom Seed Variety Kit


  • Includes 43 pieces to grow a wide range of vegetables and herbs.
  • Package is GMO free and includes heirloom varieties for quality produce.
  • Suited for outdoor gardens with moderate watering needs.
  • Designed to thrive in USDA Hardiness Zone 6, ensuring healthy growth.
  • Offers a long blooming period from Spring to Fall for continuous harvests.
  • Sunlight exposure recommendation is year – round (365 days) for optimum plant health.

Diving right into the world of gardening can feel like trying to navigate a jungle without a map, but with the Vegetable & Herb Garden Starter Kit landing at our No. 3 spot, you’re equipped with a compass and a treasure map.

This kit isn’t just any old box of seeds; it’s an adventurer’s pack filled with over 10,000 heirloom treasures waiting to transform your garden plot into a lush oasis. Picture this: 43 assorted packets of vegetable and herb seeds that come together faster than popcorn in a microwave, sprouting life within 7-14 days because of their high germination rate.

Why does this kit steal the show as No. 3 on our list? It’s not just about quantity; it’s about quality and ease. Each seed is non-GMO, promising purity in every bite you take from that juicy tomato or crisp cucumber grown right from your backyard.

Plus, storing these gems is no sweat – they’re packed in an eye-catching Mylar storage bag designed to keep them safe and sound for years in cool dry places, ensuring your green thumb gets its exercise season after season. Imagine whipping out these bad boys next planting season while everyone else scrambles for last-minute supplies!

This starter kit not only plants the seeds for future feasts but grows alongside you as your gardening journey evolves from novice plots to bountiful harvests that could even impress Grandma.


  • A Treasure Trove of Greens: Imagine this – over 10,000 seeds just waiting to sprout into a lush garden of veggies and herbs. That’s not just a garden; that’s a food factory in the making! With such an abundant variety, you might need to start practicing your best “farmers’ market” sales pitch.
  • Time Travelers in Mylar: These seeds come packed in a Freedom Farms Vegetable Set Mylar Bag. Why? Because they’re planning for the long haul. Store them in a cool, dry place and these little plant time capsules are good for years. It’s like having a green thumb future-proof plan.
  • Speedy Germinators: Ever played the waiting game with seeds that seem to take forever to wake up? Not these champs. Expect sprouts within 7-14 days. It’s almost as if they’re as eager to see you as you are them!
  • Heirloom Status = Flavor Fest: Every seed is an heirloom variety which means two things: incredible flavors and stories behind every plant. Think of it like inheriting grandma’s secret recipes but in plant form – 100% non-GMO and full of heritage.
  • Variety is the Spice of Life…and Salads!: With 43 assorted seed packets, boredom will never be on your dinner plate again. Whether you fancy spicy arugula or sweet carrots, there’s something in this kit for whatever tickles your taste buds or whatever concoction floats your salad bowl.


  • Jumpstart your garden adventure with over 10,000 seeds – it’s like hitting the jackpot in the world of gardening!
  • No need to fret about storage; our Mylar bag is like a cozy blanket for your seeds, keeping them snug and viable for years.
  • Watch your garden come to life in just 7-14 days – talk about speedy service from Mother Nature!
  • Embrace the legacy of gardening with our heirloom, 100% Non-GMO seeds because who needs modern problems when you’ve got age-old solutions?


  • Patience is key—don’t expect an instant garden miracle. Seeds take time to sprout, and not all will join the party at once. It’s like waiting for water to boil, but with dirt.
  • Space invaders beware! Your garden might get crowded. With 43 different seed types, plotting out your plant real estate can feel like organizing a clown car.
  • Remember that green thumb? You’ll need it—or at least a crash course in Gardening 101. Some seeds are divas and demand more attention than others. Be ready to play plant whisperer.

The ideal customer for the Vegetable & Herb Garden Starter Kit is someone who’s got a green thumb itching to turn their backyard into a plentiful garden oasis but may not know where to start. Think of this kit as your garden’s new best friend, especially if you love the idea of growing your own food but find yourself staring blankly at seed racks in stores, overwhelmed by choices.

It’s perfect for folks who appreciate the value of heirloom, non-GMO seeds and dream of harvesting their own veggies and herbs without running to the store every other day. If your idea of a good time involves getting your hands dirty and reaping bountiful rewards from tiny seeds, then look no further.

Dive into gardening headfirst with this starter kit and watch as those 43 assorted packets transform into over 10,000 reasons to brag at your next barbecue. Ready for a greener adventure? Grab this kit and let’s get planting!

What Is A Garden Starter Kit?

A garden starter kit comes packed with everything a green thumb needs to kick-start their gardening journey. Think of it as your all-in-one box for growing plants: pots, potting soil, seeds or seedlings, and sometimes even those nifty clear plastic lids that create a mini greenhouse effect.

For beginners or seasoned gardeners wanting to experiment with new plant varieties, these kits serve as a straightforward path to setting up a garden. They’re especially handy because they include high-quality seeds with strong germination rates and often feature trays essential for starting seeds indoors.

These practical kits cater to the aspiring gardener’s dreams and adapt effortlessly into spaces large and small. With additional tools like grow lights and heat mats available in some kits, achieving optimal seed germination becomes less guesswork and more science.

Moving on from what constitutes a garden starter kit, let’s delve into the advantages of using them in your gardening projects.

Benefits of Using Garden Starter Kits

Garden starter kits turn thumbs greener faster than you can say “sprout.” They’re like magic beans for beginners, giving you the power to grow without guessing.

Easy to Use and Set Up

Garden starter kits turn the dream of a green thumb into reality with their straightforward setup. They come packed with tools and seeds, laying out a clear path from novice to garden guru.

You won’t break a sweat getting things going; just follow simple instructions, and voilà, your garden starts taking shape. These kits strip away the perplexity often associated with gardening start-ups, offering an easy glide into the planting season.

The magic of garden starter kits is in their simplicity—open, sow, grow. It’s gardening made accessible for everyone.

Saves Time and Space

Shifting gears from the ease of setup, garden starter kits take efficiency a step further by saving both time and space. Imagine no longer having to hunt down each piece of your gardening puzzle separately.

These kits bundle everything you need, streamlining the seed-starting journey. It’s like getting a fast pass to your own lush oasis without having to play Tetris with pots, soil bags, and tools in limited spaces.

They’re practically a godsend for folks living in apartments or homes where square footage comes at a premium. With one compact package that fits just right, starting a garden becomes less about clearing out space and more about enjoying the green-thumbed adventure ahead.

Helps Develop Gardening Skills

After exploring how garden starter kits save time and space, it’s clear they play a pivotal role in skill development. Engaging children in gardening fosters an appreciation for plant life and equips them with essential fine motor skills.

By handling seeds and tools, kids refine their dexterity and coordination. They learn to nurture plants from seedlings to full growth, mastering patience and responsibility along the way.

Gardening is more than just a pastime; it’s a comprehensive learning experience. For toddlers and preschoolers, this activity is especially beneficial as it promotes locomotor skills, body management abilities, and object control through dynamic movements.

Such involvement encourages a positive attitude towards caring for living things while teaching core life lessons invaluable to their upbringing.


Starting gardening gets easier with the right tools in your hands. The Medicinal Garden Kit and Vegetable Garden Starter Kit stand out as top picks. They combine practicality with a touch of magic for beginners.

Using these kits, you start on a path to nurturing life from the ground up. Imagine savoring vegetables from your backyard or brewing tea with home-grown herbs. These choices aren’t just smart; they’re stepping stones to green-thumb success.

Let’s get our hands dirty and hearts full by choosing one of these starter kits today!

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