Old Town Predator MX Review

Are you looking for the perfect fishing kayak? Do you want one that offers excellent stability without losing out on comfort and speed? The Old Town Predator MX is one of the most popular kayaks among anglers worldwide.

It has some unique features including its tri-hull designspacious storageimpressive weight capacity, and approved for use in various water conditions. In this blog post, we’ll explore why so many people love their Predator MX and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Weighing up the pros versus cons will arm readers with the information they need to make an informed decision about buying a kayak like this! Ready to find out more? Let’s dive deeper into our Old Town Predator MX review.

Old Town Predator MX Review And Features

The Predator MX provides great stability with its tri-hull design and is incredibly fast for its size with well-thought-out engineering.

Old town predator MX Review.


The Old Town Predator MX provides an unbeatable level of stability thanks to its tri-hull design. This feature allows the kayak to stay steady even in rough waters, making it a popular choice for anglers who need reliable stability.

The tri-hull design also offers enhanced primary stability so that you can rest assured your boat will remain steady both while at rest and during heavy action on the water. Additionally, this kayak has been designed with wide side decks which provide added comfort and additional lateral support making it one of the most stable low-profile fishing platforms on the market.

With these features combined, you can enjoy peace of mind as you navigate your way through any environment while feeling secure in your kayak’s ability to prevent tipping over or wobbling out of control.


The Old Town Predator MX is a popular kayak choice for fishing enthusiasts due to its impressive speed. Equipped with a 12-foot keel length and efficient design, the Predator MX can zigzag through rivers, streams, and lakes at top speeds.

The flat-round hull provides great stability while cutting through the water effortlessly. Every stroke accelerates you quickly forward providing highly maneuverable performance along with responsive quick turns if desired.

Plus thanks to an ergonomic seated cockpit designed for comfort you will be able to remain comfortable as you reach new heights of efficiency when enjoying long paddling adventures with this extremely fast boat!


The Old Town Predator MX has stellar maneuverability, designed to paddle with ease and track well. It utilizes an optimized hull shape – a slightly more rounded contour that is ideal for moving water conditions.

Its slender design allows it to twist and turn around obstacles thanks to its agility, nimbleness, flexibility, responsiveness, dexterity, versatility, adaptability, and precision. At the same time, it offers excellent stability due to its high weight capacity which gives owners confidence when navigating through gaps or riding rapids where maintaining control is essential.

Customers praise the kayak for its impressive maneuverability qualities and have found that it handles both smooth-water paddling and rough rapids equally well without feeling too cumbersome or sluggish.


The Old Town Predator MX kayak is specifically designed with comfort in mind. Its Element Seating System is adjustable, and reclining to provide a comfortable seat for extended fishing trips just like the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 fishing kayak.

The wide-backed seat of the Predator MX supports anglers of all shapes and sizes ensuring a comfortable ride. With its tough metal frame that can be adjusted back and forth to further enhance comfort, users have incredibly praised the kayak’s stability and ease of maneuverability in water – allowing them an enjoyable and pleasurable experience on the water!

old town predator mx fishing kayak.

Pros and Cons of the Old Town Predator MX

From excellent stability and high weight capacity to spacious storage, find out more on why the Old Town Predator MX kayak is a great pick for experienced anglers.


The Old Town Predator MX is an incredibly stable kayak designed for fishing and other outdoor activities. It features a unique tri-hull design that offers great balance for standing, casting, and navigating through choppy waters.

Its maximum weight capacity of 425lbs allows users to equip their kayaks with heavier gear without compromising its stability – making it the perfect choice for small groups or extended trips out on the water.

Additionally, this 10’6″ kayak comes equipped with spacious storage compartments to comfortably store supplies during your excursion. For added comfort while fishing, its adjustable seat can be repositioned near any point along the boat as needed and is even removable so you can adjust in whatever way you like! The specially designed non-slip deck also ensures that fishermen remain well-balanced when going into casts or bringing in catches which makes this model ideal for anglers of all skill levels!

Excellent stability

The Old Town Predator MX kayak is renowned for its excellent stability. Its tri-hull design gives it exceptional primary stability, making it one of the most stable fishing platforms available on the market.

It offers customers peace of mind while they’re out in open waters as well as effortless control – all with minimal impact on speed or maneuverability. The impressive combination of stability and effortlessness has made the Predator MX an increasingly popular choice for kayakers looking to enjoy their time on the water without sacrificing performance.

High weight capacity

The Old Town Predator MX kayak has been designed to accommodate large body sizes and extended periods on the water. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, it can transport larger individuals up to 6’4” or 240 lbs with ease, while also allowing for plenty of extra storage space.

While the total weight capacity is 400 lbs, the usable weight capacity is slightly lower at 318 lbs due to its unique design that disperses any pressure across the hull in an even manner when transporting heavier loads.

This adjustable seating system ensures paddlers remain comfortable during longer excursions and multiday adventures as well as providing additional balance to maintain stability when out on the water.

Spacious storage

The Old Town Predator MX features an expansive Exo-Ridge deck with a roomy front and rear tank well that provides plenty of storage space for extra gear or supplies. The kayak’s large carrying capacity allows it to accommodate additional cargo of up to 425 lbs, giving you ample space for items such as fishing rods, tackle boxes, or even furry companions.

Its spacious design makes it ideal for those looking to take their adventures out on the water more often as adding in extra items won’t be a problem anymore. Even when packed full the kayak remains stable thanks to its superior hull design ensuring safe and comfortable journeys every time!

person fishing on an old town predator mx fishing kayak.


The Old Town Predator MX kayak provides a great deal of stability for users due to its wider hull, however, this design choice also creates a lack of protection from the elements as there is no covering on the kayak.

This means that those using the Predator MX would need to take greater care when out on the water, as they are more exposed to potential inclement weather or cold temperatures. In addition to this, paddlers should also note that wind can create extra drag during their paddle which could be bothersome and tiring.

The added weight of the kayak makes it hard to transport without assistance from another person or an accessory like a trolley wheel kit – something even experienced kayakers should factor into their decision-making process.


The Old Town Predator MX kayak definitely stands out for its impressively heavyweight unlike the Perception Pescador Pro 12. At more than 95 lbs, the kayak is over 50% heavier than most other models of its kind. Despite being significantly bulkier and substantially sturdier than its competitors, paddlers can still experience great speed with little effort thanks to the added stability that comes with this substantial build – making it a popular choice among anglers, recreational paddlers, and even those seeking adventure in rougher waters.

On the downside, however, transporting and maneuvering such a hefty kayak can be challenging; care must be taken when loading up onto vehicles or into rivers as well as during turns and spins on the water while steering.

Furthermore, additional equipment may have to be procured like wheels for rolling the boat from the vehicle destination to the launch site or between multiple launch points. Nonetheless, all these potential drawbacks are seen by some as an acceptable compromise against plenty of undeniable advantages that come part-in-parcel with this unique heavyweight contender — not least among them priority stability when conditions turn bumpy or turbulent!

Limited color options

When it comes to the Old Town Predator MX, customers have limited options when choosing colors. The kayak is only available in olive or an ocean camo pattern. This may be a disadvantage for some buyers who prefer brighter and more eye-catching colors or graphics decorations on their boats.

However, the relatively low-key design of these two shades can blend into their natural surroundings – making it perfect for nature lovers trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible while out on their adventures.

Additionally, many of the same customization features such as comfortable seating with adjustable heights are still present regardless of color selection.

Customer Reviews and Final Verdict

Examine customer impressions and reviews of the Old Town Predator MX, drawing conclusions about performance and recommending its use accordingly.

Positive customer feedback

Positive customer feedback can not only make a positive impact on the perception consumers have of your business, but it can also ensure loyalty and continued patronage. Studies show that 69% of consumers would be more likely to choose a business with average or higher ratings from customers.

The Old Town Predator MX kayak has many features and specifications that make it stand out, including its impressive stability in rough waters and its spacious storage capacity. Customers have praised the kayak’s maneuverability, speed, comfort levels, and weight capacity when reviewing it online which has resulted in an increased demand for this product.

As such businesses should take note of consumer preferences in terms of features they want included in their products as well as overall performance evaluations left by real-life users if they want to drive up customer satisfaction levels.

Person fishing on an old town predator mx kayak on a lake.

The overall recommendation and final thoughts

The Old Town Predator MX is an excellent fishing kayak that has earned positive customer reviews for its key features and performance. The kayak is renowned for its outstanding stabilitygreat speed and maneuverability, high weight capacity, and spacious storage capabilities.

It may be slightly heavier than other models on the market, but this adds to its remarkable stability and endurance when out in the open water. Additionally, while there are only two color options available – lime camo or olive green – both look very stylish and professional.

Ultimately, whether you’re seeking a great performance-oriented fishing craft or something more recreational use-friendly, the Old Town Predator MX delivers with ease – one of our top recommendations!


The Old Town Predator MX is certainly a highly impressive fishing kayak that offers stability, speed, maneuverability, and comfort. Its trihull design means it can tackle all sorts of water conditions with ease, making it the ideal choice for anglers looking to move over longer distances or fish in rapids.

With its generous weight capacity and spacious storage space, this kayak can accommodate all the gear needed for an enjoyable fishing experience. On top of that, the Predator MX comes in at a reasonable price point given its excellent features and performance.

All customer reviews offer positive experiences of using the kayak and praises it for combining stability with decent speed as well as offering good comfort levels. Overall, we think the Old Town Predator MX is a great option for both novice to experienced anglers who are looking to invest in an advanced-level fishing platform without breaking the bank – highly recommended!


1. What is the Old Town Predator MX?

The Old Town Predator MX is a kayak designed for anglers, offering comfort and stability on fast-moving waters. It features an adjustable Element seating system, integrated rod holders, and console storage with a locking hatch cover for convenience.

2. Who can use the Old Town Predator MX kayak?

The Old Town Predator MX kayak is suitable for all types of kayakers from beginner to professional alike. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction allows it to be used in various terrains such as lakes or rivers.

3. What are the main features of the Old Town Predator MX Kayak?

In addition to its solid polyethylene build, the Old Town Predator Max Kayak also includes an ergonomic adjustable Element seating system, ample fishing accessories compartments, two reverse slide foot braces, a molded drain plug and pack belt straps for easy transportability.

4. How much does the Old Town Predator MX cost?

The cost of purchasing an Old Town Predator Mx varies depending on the size and model chosen; however, most range from $900-$1300 USD which generally includes shipping costs too.

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