Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak Review

Choosing the right kayak can feel like a maze. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 stands out for its balance of stability and speed. Our review will guide you through its features, ensuring it meets your paddling needs.

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Overview of the Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak rolls out as a top pick for adventurers craving smooth sailing and stability on the water. Its specs and features set the stage for an unforgettable journey, blending speed with comfort in every stroke.


The Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak brings the best of both worlds, striking a perfect balance between stability and speed. With its design focused on comfort and efficiency, paddlers find it easy to handle without sacrificing the thrill of the ride.

This kayak doesn’t just float; it glides across water surfaces like a hot knife through butter, always ready for an adventure or a tranquil escape.

Decked out with practical features, this model boasts a removable drybox to keep valuables safe, alongside two cupholders for that essential hydration on long journeys. A specially designed recess waits ready to secure the Wilderness Systems battery, ensuring electronics stay powered up no matter where the journey leads.

As we dive into specifics next, these specs and features serve as proof that thoughtfulness in design can indeed elevate kayaking from good to unforgettable.

Specs and Features

Diving into the Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak, we find a vessel that’s ready for adventure. Crafted with precision, this kayak combines comfort and functionality in a sleek package. Here are the specs and features that set it apart:

  • Length and Width: At 10′ 6″ long and 30″ wide, it strikes a balance between speed and stability.
  • Weight: Weighing in at 47 lbs, it’s light enough for easy transport but sturdy enough for steady journeys.
  • Cockpit Size: With dimensions of 56″ by 22″, the cockpit offers ample room to move while maintaining snugness for safety.
  • Material Magic: Constructed from polyethylene, this kayak promises durability against bumps and scrapes.
  • Seat Design: A fully adjustable seat adorned with mesh fabric covers ensures breathability. Plus, honeycomb-vented ergonomic 3D foam supports your adventures with unparalleled comfort.

Every paddle stroke in the Pungo 105 feels like gliding on clouds, thanks to its thoughtful design elements. Whether you’re setting out at dawn or dusk, this kayak stands as your steadfast companion on the water.

Customer Reviews

Paddlers who’ve taken the Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak for a spin have plenty to say. Let’s dive into their experiences and see what sets this kayak apart from the crowd.

Comfort and ease-of-use

The Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak shines in comfort and ease of use, making it a favorite among kayakers. Its Phase 3 AirPro seat sets the bar high for kayak seating, offering unmatched comfort that keeps you on the water longer without discomfort.

This kayak also boasts swift gliding and excellent tracking capabilities, letting users slice through the water with minimal effort.

Customers rave about the ample legroom in the Pungo 105. This feature alone makes long trips more enjoyable as it prevents cramping and allows for quick adjustments to seating positions.

The overall design caters well to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts looking for a satisfying paddle experience without breaking a sweat over tricky controls or uncomfortable seating arrangements.

Versatile hull design

Paddlers often rave about the Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 kayak for its revolutionary hull design. This design strikes a perfect balance, offering rock-solid stability without putting the brakes on speed.

Whether you’re facing calm lakes or choppier waters, this kayak handles it all smoothly.

Its versatility shines across various water conditions, thanks to superior tracking capabilities and an inherent ability to stay steady. Adventures feel limitless with the Pungo 105, as it opens up new possibilities on the water without compromising on comfort or performance.

Practical features

The Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak brings practicality to the forefront with its removable dashboard. This nifty feature boosts convenience, allowing for easy access and organization of your gear while on the water.

Whether you’re stashing snacks or securing your GPS, this kayak has you covered. The seat raises the bar for comfort during long paddles – thanks to its mesh fabric and honeycomb-vented, ergonomic 3D foam design.

Versatility shines through with the Pungo’s compact 10.5-foot model, making it a snug fit for various body types and providing ample legroom unmatched by other kayaks in its class.

The blend of stability and speed offered by its hull design promises an enjoyable ride across different water conditions.

Next up: Let’s dive into what kayakers have to say about their experiences – spanning from first-time users to seasoned paddlers sharing their insights on comfort, ease-of-use, and how the versatile hull design holds up in real-world conditions.

Considerations and value

Deciding if the Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak is your go-to choice involves weighing its pros against any cons. For about 25 years, this kayak has sailed to the top of many adventurers’ lists, proving its value time and again.

Folks rave about being able to tweak their seating position for just-right comfort on long journeys. Speed enthusiasts find much to praise as well, with the kayak’s knack for gliding swiftly and smoothly through various waterways.

This kayak not only excels in performance but also stands firm where stability is concerned, making it a solid pick for recreation on the river or lake. Scouts looking into this model should consider how these features align with their aquatic aspirations.

Next up, let’s steer our chat towards other options you might explore within the Wilderness Systems Pungo series.

Other Options in the Wilderness Systems Pungo Series

If the Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak sparks your interest, wait till you see its siblings, the Pungo 120 and 125, each bringing something special to the table for adventurers like you seeking new waters to conquer.

Pungo 120

The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 stands out for those needing a bit more room than the Pungo 105 offers. With a length of 12’2” and weighing in at just 49 lbs, this model boasts a carrying capacity of up to 325 lbs, making it a solid choice for mid-sized paddlers seeking comfort and performance.

Its spacious cockpit teamed with an adjustable seat ensures every trip on the water is as comfortable as lounging in your favorite chair.

Many who have taken the Pungo 120 for a spin rave about its stability and ease of maneuvering. Whether you’re exploring quiet lakes or navigating gentle rivers, this kayak keeps you steady and moving forward with confidence.

The generous storage space also means you can pack all your essentials for a day on the water without compromising on speed or agility.

Pungo 125

Shifting gears from the Pungo 120, let’s focus on its bigger sibling – the Pungo 125. Catering to larger paddlers, this model stands out for offering a blend of comfort and performance that suits various body types.

With its enhanced stability and surprising speed, it shines as a top choice for those seeking adventure without compromising on luxury. Decked with features that amplify your kayaking experience, the Pungo 125 sets a high bar.

Although no longer in production, the allure of the Pungo 125 hasn’t waned. Available through secondary markets, it presents an opportunity for enthusiasts to own a piece of Wilderness Systems’ legacy.

Its unparalleled design caters to paddlers aiming for dynamic water action coupled with ease and safety. This mix makes the discontinued Pungo 125 an appealing option among kayak aficionados looking for quality at a potentially lower price point.


Exploring rivers and lakes in the Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 turns an ordinary day into an adventure. This kayak glides through the water like a dream, matching stability with speed.

With room to stretch your legs and a seat that lets you paddle for hours, comfort becomes part of the journey. For those dipping their toes or diving deep into kayaking waters, the Pungo 105 stands out as a top pick.

It’s more than just a kayak; it’s your gateway to exploring nature’s waterways with confidence and ease.


1. What makes the Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak stand out?

The Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak grabs attention with its smooth glide on the water and comfy seating that feels like a couch on the lake. It’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about enjoying every paddle stroke in between.

2. Can beginners handle the Pungo 105 easily?

Absolutely! The Pungo 105 is as friendly as a golden retriever for newcomers to kayaking. Its stability makes you feel secure, and steering it is as easy as pie, making your first trip on water a breeze.

3. How does the kayak perform in different water conditions?

This kayak laughs in the face of choppy waters and breezes through calm lakes alike. Whether you’re exploring quiet streams or challenging small waves, the Pungo 105 handles it all with grace.

4. Is there enough storage space for day trips?

You bet! Pack your lunch, camera, and even an extra layer because this kayak comes with generous storage space. It turns “I wish I could bring…” into “I’m glad I brought…” for every adventure.

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